Hershey Bar snowpeople

Hello my fellow crafters,

As you may know I have been making a lot of my christmas presents.  So I made these snowmen/women. lol. and I think they turned out so very cute!   I have seen a few different versions of these snowmen, I have seen them first on Kerry's Paper Crafts blog, and since then I have seen them else where.  I can't remember the blog that I had first seen them being made with gloves, which is the idea that I like since your giving a gift as well as chocolate.  So I went to the local dollar store and picked up some mittens, and chocolate bars from walmart, and printed out the pdf file with the snowman body and away we went.   These took me less than 5 minutes to do. So they are a fun and easy project for anyone on your list. 

Here is a picture on how they turned out ... there are two different snowmen, one using gloves that had fingers cut off and then they have another part that goes over top so I made it look like they were wearing a rounded toque.   The other was a pair of mittens, and I just tucked the second mitten in-behind it on the back.