Peachy Keen Blog Hop

I did the Peachy Keen blog hop, and saw a lot of really cool cards and designs, of the new Peachy Keen Stamps, which I must say are VERY cute!!  So if you want a chance to win  some cool stuff start here and work your way through the blogs.  Don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win!

FREE SVG file site that I found.

Hello Everyone! 

Today after I had watched all the new YouTube videos of the people to whom I subscribe to I decided I wanted to find yet more crafty videos to watch, however after watching two where the people made pumpkins, one was a 3D one using scallops foled in half then 6 glued together ( I will post a link to the Videos)  and the other was just a flat pumpkin using ovals and circles I decided to look for SVG files of pumpkins that I can cut with using the Sure Cuts A Lot software I found this AWESOME website full of free SVG file which I spend an hr or so going back on post downloading all the ones that I like or that I could do a project with I decided to share my awesome find will of you.  The web site is My Cricut Scrapbooking she also has some really good Tutorials on using Inkscape to create svg files.

I also found this blog where she makes some REALLY great cards ... it is Penny Duncan Creations

So those are my finds for today, hope you enjoy them... now time to organize all my svg files.  I will share some of the ones that I have created as soon as I get it setup. 

My Dream Craft Room

I have imagined my "Dream" Craft room, and what I would want in it.   One there would be a lot of shelf space so that I can have a place to store my paper, stamps, tools, etc.   I would have a large craft table for my crafting area.  I would have a place for my cricut and of course I would have the Cricut expression that I sooo badly want.    In order to buy all the things I want would cost waaaay too much so that is where my favorite and only wood building site would come into play ... I would build a bunch of cubby shelves like this one.  (Link to site)

I would also have a corner desk against a wall so that there would be room for my computer as well as my Cricut and still be able to sure Sure Cuts A Lot, which I LOVE  as there are sooooo many svg files out there that you can get for FREE and then cut with the cricut PLUS you can make your own which I have done. 

All of my craft room idea will be furniture hacks by Ana, cuz she rocks and provides you with the dimensions to build some BEAUTIFUL furniture. 

Any how that is my post for today.. I may post more feel free to check out my blog favorites for there crafts... Most of which are cards, and they have some AWESOME giveaways! 

Happy Blogging!

Welcome to my new Craft Blog

Hello Everyone!  

I have created a new craft blog to display all of my crafty creations, and everything in between.   I am your typical Gemini in the fact that I love to do all kinds of crafts and usually have a bunch of projects on the go!  I do however have a few that I tend to gravitate towards more, which are paper crafts, and jewelry making.  

I am new to both the paper crafting and jewelry making world so please bare with me as I show off my creations, and I would love to hear what other think or see things that they have made. 

I am also thinking of starting something new which would be building my own furniture with help for Ana's help who has a blog Knock Off Wood.   I am eye up a craft desk they have in there as I am a mom with my daughter being just over a year old, as well as I am currently a student trying to make the best out of our crappy economy. So I will try to post something everyday or at least once per week, however it may not be a project that I have made, it may just be some of my inspiration or a cool idea that I like. 

Thank You for stopping by!  Happy Blogging!