Sparkly Fishy Card

Hello Fellow Crafters,

Sorry I have neglected you .. So much for my news years resolution about posting more, lol. I have been crafting every week or at least ever other week I just don't think to take a pic a blog about it.

Lately I have been obsessed with Glitter Ritz I just love it and my favorite thing about it is that once the glitter is on it doesn't come off, Yippeee!

Here is the card I finally finished.

Paper is old paper I have in my stash for a long time from when I was a creative memories consultant.

Update glitter ritz cards

Hello my fellow crafter,

I would like to apologize for neglecting yo all life for me has been interesting to say the least. I gave been doing some crafty stuff. U had been dying to take these glitter ritz classes at my local scrap booking store, so as a present to myself I signed up for them. I had a ton of fun doing them my favoritess were with the peel offs by creative crafts.

Here are the 3 cards we made they are much better in person. I will put up a better pic if then when I get one.