Claudia and Company Casting Call for Design Team

Hello Everyone, 

I was just doing my usually thinking of a project I want to make to post for My Pink Stampers blog hop and when I came across this SITE.  Which is Claudia and Company's Blog who is doing a casting call and they are looking for people of all skill levels.  I was thinking about trying out however I still have not figured out how to take good picture of my projects and dont feel I have good enough skill level yet to be part of a design team.   So I just wanted to let you guys know incase you were interested.  They have some really AWESOME perks if you make it.  

If your not interested in trying out for the DT you should check out there online store as I think their prices are pretty cheap and  some good product. 

Take care all,  Hope your having a CRAFTY day!

Digital Stamp Sites some with Freebies

Hello all, 

Today I was looking for some inspiration after watching all the youtube videos and not yet wanting to ready all my blogs I follow updates, as there is a LOT.  I went searching and in my searches I stumbled upon this site Top 100 digital stamping.  Which had some links that didnt work, some crappy site and some gems that I found so I decided to post of few of the gems that I found.  The sites I like have free digital stamps as well ones that you can purchase, however with me not having a alot of money I go for the freebies and drool over the ones you have to purchase and add to my one day list.  Anyhow I listed the good ones that I like somne most of which are blogs. 

Bugaboo Stamps
MelJen's Designs  - blog who post freebies every now and then however as well as projects she did using other digi stamps. 
Fresh Brewed Designs - Almost didnt put this site as some of there stamps I did not like however there are some good ones. 
Fairy Doodler - blog so there are free digi stamps as well as project challenges - very cool one.
Karber Digital Images - Store and Blog, no freebies that I found however some really good images.
Fred She Said Designs - Store with no freebies I found however a lot of really great images.
Just some lines - has freebies and some cute images

There were some others that I did not post however they were on the first page of the site as I didn't thnk about sharing it till near the end of it.  Let me know what you think. 

Take care

Happy New Year all! Best of Luck in 2011

Hello All, 

Sorry I have not posted in a while I have been busy with my daughter and thinking of crafts to do.  Last night I managed to find some time for myself, I made a few things.  I am going to try and turn these items into magnets.  I had some dominoes that I had gotten from the dollar store last year when I made magnets out of photos and used diamond glaze on them so that the image was enlarged.   Sooooooo I decided I didn't want them black and started out as a curiosity thing so see what was under them as I thought originally they were plastic... however with sanding them down I found out there actually wooden.  So after they were sanded down I liked them a lot better.  I used some pink designer paper I had gotten from the dollar store a few months back and used my atg gun to adhere the paper down, then I stamped "Love" onto white card stock them put diamond glaze over the entire top so I am just waiting for them to dry.  I am also trying something new with one of my new dollar stamps from Micheals that says "dream" all fancy.  So I stamped it on white cardstock and put diamond glaze on top when it is dry I am going to cut it out and put it on some designer paper then use a flat magnetic back.   I will have picture when they are done, and I remember where I put my camera.  I tell ya after having a baby my brain has never been the same.  lol.  So far I love how it has turned out.  I am planning on doing a lot more crafts this year, and hoping that I will be able to update my blog more often.   I have also been making some svg files, I am going to cut the images out to see how they look and I will post the project and if you like it you can email me and I will send you the image.  I am hoping to be able to get that done by the end of the week, however if I end up getting a job by the end of the week it may be challenging to get it up by then. 

I would like to wish you all the best in 2011 and I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors.