Budget Friendly Markers - Alcohol Markers

Hello Fellow Crafters, 

Today I am sooo excited to share what I found out today.  I had seen them in the stores and wondered about them however watched my usual videos today and saw one in particular that got me thinking.   I saw the StampTV video today where she was using the BIC Mark it permanent markers, which are alcohol based markers.   They certainly don't replace the Copic or Prismacolor markers however they are a good alternative while you start to build your Copic collection, and who knows you may like them better.  

So after watching that video I wanted to try them so I went out to Walmart and found them in the stationary section and picked up 36 marker set for around $20.00, then got home and decided to try them with the printer cardstock I had which is 100 sheets for $7.00.   So far I really like them, since they blend nicely, and give you the streak-free colouring affect, which I LOVE,    So if your interested in how they work check out Gina K's video on stamp tv using the markers.  Part 1 HERE  Part 2 HERE