Easter bags and bday card.

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I had decided to make a birthday card for my nephew's birthday that is on the 15th.  He's going to be 6 years old.. (boy time flies) and he loves dogs, so I was trying to find a puppy svg file when I remembered on the sweethearts cricut cartridge has a puppy on it for puppy love.... so I thought that would be perfect.  

I cut the puppy out at 3 1/2 inches and the paper I used was paper that I had on hand from creative memories and the dollar store.    I used some glitter glue for the tounge.   When it was first made I loved it until my  daughter got her hands on my vintage photo distress ink and started banging it over the puppy which created the lines.. *sigh*   however I didnt want to make another one so I figured my nephew is not going to care either way. 

Here is the photo of the card.   I used an ek success punch I had for the bottom on the card and then pasted the chocolate cardstock behind it just to make it all coordinate. 

Then the next project that I started to make (since my daughter fell alseep)  were the easter bags that I decided to make for my 2 neices and nephew.. only got the 2 girls done.    So I had gotten these bags from the dollar store they are favor bags, and I just reinforced it with pink creative memories paper I had.   The eggs were from a scrapbook calendar that I cut out.  

I am planning on putting some easter treats in these bags.. I have some playdough eggs that I had gotten from the dollar store and I will probably put an kinder surprise egg in each and then whatever else easterish I can  find that will fit nicely.   

Hope you all like it!  Thanks!  Let me know if you have questions or what you think of my projects.