Digital Stamp Sites some with Freebies

Hello all, 

Today I was looking for some inspiration after watching all the youtube videos and not yet wanting to ready all my blogs I follow updates, as there is a LOT.  I went searching and in my searches I stumbled upon this site Top 100 digital stamping.  Which had some links that didnt work, some crappy site and some gems that I found so I decided to post of few of the gems that I found.  The sites I like have free digital stamps as well ones that you can purchase, however with me not having a alot of money I go for the freebies and drool over the ones you have to purchase and add to my one day list.  Anyhow I listed the good ones that I like somne most of which are blogs. 

Bugaboo Stamps
MelJen's Designs  - blog who post freebies every now and then however as well as projects she did using other digi stamps. 
Fresh Brewed Designs - Almost didnt put this site as some of there stamps I did not like however there are some good ones. 
Fairy Doodler - blog so there are free digi stamps as well as project challenges - very cool one.
Karber Digital Images - Store and Blog, no freebies that I found however some really good images.
Fred She Said Designs - Store with no freebies I found however a lot of really great images.
Just some lines - has freebies and some cute images

There were some others that I did not post however they were on the first page of the site as I didn't thnk about sharing it till near the end of it.  Let me know what you think. 

Take care