Welcome to my new Craft Blog

Hello Everyone!  

I have created a new craft blog to display all of my crafty creations, and everything in between.   I am your typical Gemini in the fact that I love to do all kinds of crafts and usually have a bunch of projects on the go!  I do however have a few that I tend to gravitate towards more, which are paper crafts, and jewelry making.  

I am new to both the paper crafting and jewelry making world so please bare with me as I show off my creations, and I would love to hear what other think or see things that they have made. 

I am also thinking of starting something new which would be building my own furniture with help for Ana's help who has a blog Knock Off Wood.   I am eye up a craft desk they have in there as I am a mom with my daughter being just over a year old, as well as I am currently a student trying to make the best out of our crappy economy. So I will try to post something everyday or at least once per week, however it may not be a project that I have made, it may just be some of my inspiration or a cool idea that I like. 

Thank You for stopping by!  Happy Blogging!