I WON! a Giveaway!

Hello All, 

I WON!  a blog giveaway, which is the first time I won anything.   It was THIS from http://www.readysetstamp.com/.  I started following her on YouTube as I LOVE to watch Julie's Videos and she has a lot of very creative ideas, as well as very pretty.     What I won was a 3 month free subsciption to the Circut Circle, which I am super excited about!    I found out I won a bit ago however kept forgetting to post it.  You should check out Julies blog for some great inspiration. =)

Sorry I haven't posted any projects in a bit, it has been a while since I have done any, spent the last free kidless time moving and organizing stuff as well as getting rid of some of Lily's old clothes... man for a 2 year old girl she has a TON of clothes.  I think I could dress her in one outfit each day for a month and not have to do any laundry. lol.

Happy Crafting Everyone!