Long time no Post - Mini book

Hello All, 

Wow it has been a while since I last posted.  Sorry all, I have been busy with moving and other personal issues.  Time sure flies when your busy. 

I decided to write this post as I watch a Tim Holtz video on him making a mini book using one 12x12 sheet of paper.   I made a couple of these books, one of them I followed the way he did since I had some really thin paper that I used and it worked awesone.  

Instuctions:  (on how I did it)

First try it on a 12x12 sheet of paper that you dont care about.  Then fold the 12x12 sheet of paper in half then fold the side flaps in half to form a W, then flip the page and do the same folds on the other side. 
Or you can score every 3 inches on one side then rotate the paper and do it again.  3
Once it is all folded unfold the paper to make your first cut.   Cut down the center fold(or score line)  all the way to the last score line (DO NOT CUT IN HALF)

Then you flip the paper over and cut on the first score line (3 inch mark) and cut all the way to the last score line.  Do the same to the last score line.   Which will make another W. 

Then start folding from the right hand side of the W and fold forward, backwards, then with you get to the side fold, fold under, and repeat all the way to the end.  

Not its time to glue.  when I glued the first one I followed the way Tim did it.  Which is opening the book where you have 3 squares before it folds under on either side.  He put adheasive on all 3 squares then folded the first flap behind so that you would have a thicker front and back cover.  Watch the video for it to make more sense. 

When I made my second one I glued it so that I had a single page, then pocket on top and to the sides.  Since the second paper I used was solid white and thicker so I didnt want a super thick front page instead I am going to make a chip board cover to make it an actual book where I can put more tags in my book for more pictures or journaling.  

I will post pictures once I get my camera back. 

Thanks all! 

Hope you all are having an creative day!