Birthday Card #2

I have recently been thinking about Christmas as it is coming up soonish and then I thought I would like to go to craft fairs 1 or 2 before christmas.   It is something I think would be fun to get into rather than going just to the Abby Flea Market that I do with my mom where I sell kids clothes and she sells jewerly we both made.   Anyways I have done a couple projects this week just did not get around to posting them.   The one I am going to post was a birthday card I made for my mother-in-law to be's birthday.   It was mainly just a card face that I made out of a response card I had gotten from my sister. 

  • 1 Cartner Response card with Envelope
  • Stamps etc, Pigment Ink : blue and Red
  • Easy Scrapbooking Design Paper
I inked the response card first with the blue, then I felt something was missing so wait for it to dry then added the red.  

I then cut a peice of the blue designer paper in half as the other half had presents and I had already cut out the cupcakes from different piece of paper that I wanted to use.  

I used Creative Memory Photo splits to glue down the paper and cupcakes and then made my own pop dots to pop up the Happy Birthday that I had cut out from the same page as the cup cakes.  

The Easy Scrapbooking paper is really neat, as it has some patterned paper, as well as it has coordinating paper with elements that has a frame around the edge then in the middle has sentiments or elements such as the cupcakes.   ( Hope that makes sense.. if not I will have to take a picture to show you what I mean)  The year of the calendar I am using is 2008 and I had got it from a box of scrapbooking stuff that someone sold on craigslist for $20 for a small moving box full of differnet stuff. 

Let me know what you think!  Thanks for stopping by.